The Chalkboard in the Hall

I picked this beauty up at an estate sale and re-painted the surface with spray chalkboard paint, then painted the frame white & distressed it.  A pretty quick little project!

I know it looks nice when it's that new, stark black, but if you want to use the chalkboard to write on, it's important to "season" it after the chalkboard paint COMPLETELY dries (give it several days to be sure).  If you don't, the first thing you write on it will stay forever - you pretty much need to re-paint it to get rid of it.  Simply take a piece of white chalk and rub it on its side all over the surface, then erase with a dry chalkboard eraser.

I had my daughter write a Victor Hugo quote on it, and it's now hanging in the foyer of my new house.  Pictures to come soon!

Simply Seriously Pretty

Want some inspiration?  I'm going to share  some of the blogs I have tagged in Pocket under my category "Pretty Blogs".  These are just the loveliest blogs; I visit them when I feel like I'm getting a little unfocused about what I like, and need some inspiration.  Here are a couple of my very favorites - enjoy!

I'd love to get your comments on whether or not you like these blogs and felt that this post was helpful! 

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Throw-back Monday

I know...I have the day wrong.  But I was combing through the very beginning of my adventures 6 and a half years ago, and I couldn't wait for Thursday.  I feel as though I've come a long way...but if you follow Miss Mustard Seed (you REALLY should!!!), and you look at my photos, you'll see that I have a lot to learn about photography.  Having said that, I feel like I've made some progress between then and now, even if I have a ways to go.  Enjoy the throw-back...after I was done blushing, I did!!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maybe I should stick to furniture...


So far, I have broken two mirrors, the glass from a picture frame, and two globes for the vintage milk glass lamp that I grabbed at a spring garage sale. This is the second one...purchased at a different garage sale to replace the broken one. I truly couldn't believe my ears when I heard the glass hit the cement of my garage!

I love to work with old mirrors and turn them into something different (see below), but I'm not very good at preserving the glass! I have worked on two mirrors, and have had to spend the money to replace the mirror on both of them! So here's hoping I get better at handling mirrors!

6.17.10 2.jpg
6.17.10 3.jpg

While this piece was a little more time-consuming, it would be difficult to break. It's also difficult to move...I have to admit, there are a few little details I haven't figured out and breakables are at the top of the list

6.17.10 4.jpg
I actually sold this a few months of my favorite early pieces.

I actually sold this a few months of my favorite early pieces.

Speaking of storage, I left 4 wooden upholstered chairs at the curb while driving through my home town today. Anyone who knows me knows how unlike me that is! It is a true testament to my storage problem... I am considering building a storage shed, but I'm not sure that furniture (even unfinished furniture) will hold up through a NJ winter in something un-insulated and un-heated...what to do????

I've been purchasing less and less furniture, but there's a garage sale in my neighborhood this weekend which is featuring vintage furniture. Hmmm...I wonder what I can store in my living wouldn't be the first time!

Storing furniture in the house got old really quickly.  I did eventually have a shed built

Storing furniture in the house got old really quickly.  I did eventually have a shed built