The Chalkboard in the Hall

I picked this beauty up at an estate sale and re-painted the surface with spray chalkboard paint, then painted the frame white & distressed it.  A pretty quick little project!

I know it looks nice when it's that new, stark black, but if you want to use the chalkboard to write on, it's important to "season" it after the chalkboard paint COMPLETELY dries (give it several days to be sure).  If you don't, the first thing you write on it will stay forever - you pretty much need to re-paint it to get rid of it.  Simply take a piece of white chalk and rub it on its side all over the surface, then erase with a dry chalkboard eraser.

I had my daughter write a Victor Hugo quote on it, and it's now hanging in the foyer of my new house.  Pictures to come soon!