Resources I Love

When hand-painting furniture exploded around 2008, there weren't too many options.  Now there are multiple paints, waxes, brushes, cleaning materials, rags, and most important..."how-to" and inspiration books.  Here is a carefully curated collection of some of my favorite resources.  While I have not used all of the items below, I will note my experience with the ones I have used.

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Inspiration and "How-To"

Furniture Paint

Waxes, Oils, Bonding Agents, and Other Coatings

Hardware Paint

A personal favorite for drawer pulls and hardware. Use a respirator!

Fixes and Shortcuts

We all need shortcuts and there's always something to fix.  Here are some of my favorites that let me quickly get back to the fun part!

This is a lifesaver if you have a stubborn wood knot or old stain that just won't cover. Instead of wasting coat after coat of precious, pricey furniture paint, spray a coat of Zinsser Primer on your piece. WEAR A RESPIRATOR AND USE IN A VENTILATED AREA. I'm not kidding.

If I have a particularly dark piece that I want to paint with a light color, sometimes I'll start out with a coat of white spraypaint. Note, this is not like chalk paint which bonds to most surfaces, or milk paint which can be used with a bonding agent. I recommend applying in one small area to see how it bonds to the item. USE A RESPIRATOR!!